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Release date February 18/18 (Bandcamp)

The Mighty Decibel's#1 EP of 2018!!

Review originally published July 27/18

Gotta say that there aren't many releases that come my way that immediately grab my attention like this one. Planting me against the wall with a frenzied intensity, Finland's Chevalier deliver wild-ass speed metal that sets the standard for the sub-genre going forward. No shit, it's that good.

Seemingly one wrong-turn away from coming off the rails at any time throughout the three track, twenty-minute ride, the rabid enthusiasm and energy is palpable. Emma's crazed vocal delivery really plays up the mentally unstable image this evokes, yelping/screaming/shouting in madhouse fashion like an unwillingly locked-up Kai Hansen. In fact, the overall vibe of this face-peeling release comes across like a demented cousin of Helloween's Walls Of Jericho debut opus. A very good thing, let me assure you.

I absolutely cannot wait for the full length. Essential for speed enthusiasts.


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