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FINIS - Visions Of Doom

Release date July 6/18 (Iron Bonehead)

In hand is the debut three-track EP from German unit Finis. While described as a black/death unit by their label, these ears hear a band majoring in black metal, with minors in doom and death.

Opener 'Temple Of Stones' proves to be a tense number, which builds from a doomed beginning into a haunting repetitive guitar refrain, before picking up the pace. The monochrome belch vocals add to the overall evil vibe, while the production allows some fine drum/cymbal work to come to the fore. 'Visions Of Doom' follows, relatively more up-tempo with a piercing guitar refrain built in over top, until mid-point where the pace slows down and the lead guitarist provides an extended other-worldly solo. 'Fosforos' concludes the package, an instrumental with creepy guitar strumming for three minutes before subtly transitioning into a more traditional black/doom riff. Least successful of the three tracks, it overstays its welcome by a good 4 minutes.

Overall, an enjoyable debut, whose claustrophobic vibe makes it feel like the music is slowly caving in on you. Would like to see some tightening of the writing next time out though, keeping tracks to the 4 minute mark (rather than the 6/7 minute length herein). Has potential though.


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