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NACHASH - Phantasmal Trinunity

Release date August 10/18 (Shadow Kingdom)

If I had to describe Phantasmal Trinunity in one word, it would be 'triumphant'. At their best, as in the instrumental opener 'Red Death Eclipse' and the ferocious 'Flesh Temple Incineration', Nachash has the knack for writing mid-tempo marches that sound like an ode to a conquering army returning home to well deserved accolades. Great headbanging and foot stomping stuff, that is heightened further by a superb production job that places the guitars up front where they need to be for this type of action.

'Apex Illuminous' proves to be another highlight of this 6-track EP, its opening referring to Venom's At War With Satan title track in all of it strident glory. Guitarist A's vocals also work well within the assault, an almost discernible lascivious growl bringing an edgy grit to proceedings. All in all, this is some inspired, mature sounding first wave black metal from Norway, with a hearty dose of death to keep you on your toes. Impressive.


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