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SATAN MY MASTER - The King Of Hell Arrives

Release date June 27/18 (Hellprod Records)

Satan My Master embrace the term extreme metal lustily on this debut EP. The album art seemingly depicts Satan rising from below, leading his legions in an unfriendly advance. Lyrically the Portuguese band are all in in their support of the horned one, song titles such as 'Tormenting The Nazarene Swine', 'Servant Of Hell' and 'Son Of A Whore' leaving little doubt as to their sincerity.

Musically, Satan My Master play a filth-infested take on first wave black metal, with a little bit of d-beat thrown in for good measure. The raw sound perfectly suits the storming, menacing material, at times blubbering, but mostly blow-back-your-hair fast, the intensity and oppression generated being impressive. The at times discernible, gruff/roar vocals are also another nice touch, adding yet another layer of malevolence. When he belches out his sermons of hate, you tend to take him very seriously.

If you like early Venom, Celtic Frost, Nifelheim and the like, this one is for you. Impressive.


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