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SEPTIC TANK - Rotting Civilization

Release date April 13/18 (Rise Above)

The Mighty Decibel's#2 Metal Album of 2018!!

Review originally published April 13/18

It has taken a while to get over the disbandment of Cathedral some five years ago. Having riff master supreme Gaz Jennings tossing out those massive doom missives of his via his new band Death Penalty has helped. Unexpectedly, we now also have Septic Tank to assist in our grieving process. Made up of three ex-members of Cathedral (vocalist Lee Dorrian, bassist Scott Carlson and Jennings), along with drummer Jaime Arellano, you'd expect this to be a walk down a doomed path. But park that thought immediately, because Rotting Civilization takes an abrupt turn down a very different trail ... that being hardcore punk.

Containing only one mid-paced ditty (of eighteen!), this is very much an abrasive, speed infatuated disc that is the very definition of blitzkrieg. Luckily for us, Septic Tank know how to deliver Armageddon well, writing memorable, unique tracks that don't just blend into one earache-my-eye. You get the Zeke-like, faux-macho 'You Want Some?', Midnight-style 'Digging Your Own Grave' and d-beat stormer 'Rotten Empire' amongst other styles of extremism, that will send hardcore punkers into spastic joy.

All players are to be commended here, along with the production job that leaves all instruments discernible within the din. However, Dorrian's vocals warrant special note. A truly remarkable performance, he hollers, screams, spits and vents his way through this, most likely busting a lung in the process.

Here's hoping that this isn't simply a one-off. Essential.


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