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GOAT WORSHIP - Shore Of The Dead

Release date April 26/18 (Xtreem Music)

Hard to believe that Shore of The Dead is the product of a one man band (out of Brazil). Opening track 'The Blood Countess' immediately grabs your attention, a twisted riff akin to 'Hades' from Bathory's debut opus making you snap to attention. 'Yggdrasil' continues the abuse, ripping you a new one with viscous, high speed riffing that takes you back to Quorthon's early recorded works. Amazing.

However, Goat Worship aren't one dimensional in their approach, as other influences come to the foreground as you proceed through the eight-track sophomore full length. 'Final Solution' starts out with an At War style riff before going early Kreator, while 'The Final Battle' strides forward in mid-tempo march before atmospheric backing keys and a blitzkrieg solo are inserted. The epic title track leverages two separate gargantuan riffs, before a pretty acoustic passage provides the lone album respite, ultimately returning to the original premise to close the album.

The riffs and guitar tone are the highlights here, along with the unquestionable raw energy that is exuded. Shore Of The Dead is an absolute blast to listen to if you like your black metal old school and your thrash bestial. Excuse me while I go back and check out the debut.


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