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EARTHLESS - Black Heaven

Release date March 16/18 (Nuclear Blast)

For a self-proclaimed psychedelic instrumental outfit, there sure are a lot of vocals on Earthless' fifth full length. Hell, there are vocals over the majority of this six-track, forty minute affair. The other thing that stands out is that any preconceptions about psychedelic rock being light in the loafers gets jettisoned but quick here. Man, this is some heavy stuff, the band rocking hard from first note of first track to the conclusion of the fifth track. An aggressive bass/drum section lay down the rhythm thick and steady, while guitar solos abuse the ears in extended swaths. Wow.

It isn't until the concluding track 'Sudden End' that Earthless let up on the throttle, providing a psyched-up, slow southern rocker (think acoustic Zakk Wylde crossed with Lynyrd Skynyrd) to ease the listener into a satisfying conclusion.

Overall, this reminds me of those aggressive Frank Marino records (What's Next and The Power Of Rock'N'Roll) that still find regular rotation here at The Mighty Decibel central. Calling all hard rockers with a penchant for over-the-top guitar histrionics - this is for you!


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