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Release date March 9/18 (Suicidal Tendencies Webstore, iTunes or

Suicidal Tendencies releases go one of two ways for me. If they focus on their hardcore roots, I'm all in. However, If they funk it up too much, they lose me, but quick. So where does this new mini-LP land?

Let's look at it song-by-song given that we only have seven tracks on offer. Opener 'Nothing To Lose' starts things off promisingly in full-on HC fury. 'Get United' follows bringing the funk to the table, but is saved by an incessant, catchy bass line and a couple of blasting breakdowns. Unfortunately, 'Iauthority' follows, finding Mike Muir and the lads in full funk/jazz/psycho mode, actively repelling me from my death deck. Everything I despise in bad ST.

'Ain't Mess'n Around' rights the ship, riding a pulsating mid-tempo riff and some fine axe work. 'S.E.D.' follows, getting a little more physical, with Dave Lombardo's drum kit taking centre stage. Closing out with a bang, 'I Got A Right' goes back to the base HC sound and the title track proves to be a catchy up-tempo chugger. (The package also includes three throwaway alternate versions of the title track; acoustic, bass instrumental and guitar instrumental. Ignore.)

So, there you have it. Six high quality Suicidal Tendencies tracks (out of seven) makes this a must-have for any self-respecting crossover fan. Great stuff.


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