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DISEMBOWEL - Plagues and Ancient Rites

Release date Mar 2/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Chile's Disembowel enter the death metal sweepstakes with this very listenable debut. Not overly heavy, but destructive enough to appease DM zealots, it hits all the requisite markers of the genre.

At the core is an organic, warm guitar sound that evokes an old school death feel. Logical, enjoyable riffs are piled together, mixing up the tempo, ensuring that the listener's attention never wanders. At its height of fury, references to Krisiun can be found in the strident drumming and riffage, really bringing the hammer down. That being said, things never get too over-the-top. Rather, Plagues and Ancient Rites is one of those releases you put on when you just want to headbang. No over-analyzing required.


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