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BYYRTH - Echoes From The Seven Caves Of Blood

Release date March 9/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Totally demented from first gasp to final fatal breath, Byyrth's take on vampiric black metal makes the blood run cold on this sophomore full length. Eschewing all sense of romanticism, the California based duo instead focuses on the moment the undead sink their fangs in you, in a raw display of bloodletting.

Really haven't heard anything quite so blitzed in a long time. This is akin to being subjected to wild, punked up black metal with inhuman squawks and shrieks incessantly shouted in your ear ... while lying in a closed coffin. Five of the eight tracks are straight up evil blackened fury, with two noise tracks (utilizing the vocal skills of Mutilation's Meyhna'ch) and one lone black'n'roll ditty (with a riff straight out of the Midnight handbook) completing the nightmarish package.

Inhumane, inhuman and incessant, Echoes From The Seven Caves Of Blood is not for the faint of heart.


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