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GOATKRAFT - Angel Slaughter

Release date March 9/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Five tracks of absolute, unapologetic war metal await those who take on this mini album from Norway's Goatkraft (not to be confused with Slovakian black metalists Goatcraft). The sound absolutely crushes here; the guitars, rumbling bass and rampaging drums hit the gut hard, while the vocalist rips his throat to shreds, shrieking/gurgling insanely. Punishing to say the least.

The problem is that it's too narrow in its delivery, too one dimensional to maintain attention over its nineteen minutes. Each track quickly dives into a grinding riff which is repeated over and over again to the bitter end without respite. Sounds great for one song, but it's hard to ignore its limitations over the five tracks. Compare it to Black Witchery's Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom release and its limitations become clear. Desecration absolutely slays in war metal fury, but there are multiple riffs within each track and nuance within the din that gets the listener to hang out with the band while they deliver Armageddon.

Goatkraft have got an absolutely punishing sound and the requisite killer instinct, but they'll need to remember to throw in some change ups while laying the hammer down in the future.


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