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YATRA - Blood of the Night

Everyone knows that a doom metal release is judged on the quality of the riffs, so Maryland's Yatra place their ...

ZEKE - Death Alley

Flashback!! Release date 2001 (Aces and Eights) Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #13 Zeke returns to action

(Podcast) TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 1980

In this podcast we continue with our "Best Of ..." series, focusing on the best metal and hard rock releases of 1980. Go back, wa


his is the 13th full-length album from Britain’s Tygers of Pan Tang since their original formation in 1978.

MANOWAR - Gods Of War

Flashback review!!! Released February 23/07 (Magic Circle Music) Review originally published in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Issue #104

WAR DOGS - Die By My Sword

Hailing from Spain, War Dogs have released their first full length since their 2015 formation. This is traditional ...

REAPER - Unholy Nordic Noise

Once past the quiet instrumental opener, the first few songs on Reaper's debut full length Unholy Nordic Noise will ...


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