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FIAT NOCTUM - Fran Forna Minnen

Release date February 14/19 (Bandcamp) Originally written over twenty years ago, but not recorded until now, we have the debut album from Swedish black metallists Fiat Noctum. Now, my ears always perk up at the chance of hearing some new Swedish blackness given the absolute crushing stuff that this country has provided us over the years. Thy Primordial, Bathory, Marduk, Abruptum, War, Triumphator, Setherial, Funeral Mist, Dawn, Nifelheim, Necrophobic ... the list goes on. Will Fiat Noctum join the ranks? Short answer - yep. While the production is kinda muted, this little fault can be fixed by simply turning the sucker up real loud. That way the blistering opening one-two punch of 'Ett Vinta

CHEVALIER - Destiny Calls

Was really looking forward to this new full length given that Chevalier's intense and chaotic Chapitre II topped the

OVERKILL - The Wings Of War

Overkill is a strange band for me. I totally respect the recorded repertoire that the Jersey boys have amassed over


Sláinte! 'Drunken Lullabies' - FLOGGING MOLLY 'If I Should Fall From The Grace Of God' - THE POGUES 'Black Rose' - T

DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Thuringwethil and Truchlo Strzygy

Onward we go with our roundup of demos, EPs, singles and mini albums ... Up first we have THURINGWETHIL, a one-man black metal band out of Pennsylvania, with the To Summon The Spirits Of Eternal Night EP (Bandcamp). Sporting a white on black cover with a corpse painted fella holding a knife, initial expectations were of tales about Transylvanian hunger and lust. What we get instead is an apocalyptic tale from the viewpoint of those welcoming Ragnarok, played out in six acts over 32 minutes. Two of the tracks are short, keyboard instrumental soundscapes to create an eerie atmosphere, while the other four are elongated (each averaging 7 minutes) blasts of up-tempo grimness. Not much variation

CANDLEMASS - The Door To Doom

Lots of excitement being generated out of the Candlemass camp as a result of the return of Johan Langquist (he being the

AIHOS - Havitykse Maa

Release date March 29/19 (Regain) Aihos' debut release (Ikuisuuden Suojaan - review link below) made such an impression on this jaded reviewer that it made The Mighty Decibel's list of 'Top Ten EPs of 2018'. In fact, it impressed so much that it had me opining whether the Finnish unit would be able grasp the title as best melodic black metal unit currently in action (R.I.P. Thy Primordial!). So, with bated breath, we now have the debut full length from Aihos for consideration. Retaining attention over a short EP is relatively easy, as a band can simply hit the listener over the head with a few tracks to whet peoples' appetites. Keeping folks engaged over a full length is another matter. Some


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