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URIAH HEEP - Living The Dream

For those who read this reviewer's live review of Uriah Heep earlier this year (available elsewhere on this very site), you

HEIDENLAND - Onderaards

Debut five-track, nineteen-minute EP from B.C. (via Netherlands) black metal unit Heidenland on tap here

EXXXEKUTIONER - Death Sentence

Here we have the debut mini LP from UK thrashers (and English-spelling destroyers) Exxxekutioner. Despite hailing from Jolly Ol'


Over their fifteen-year existence Korpiklaani have managed to attain the title of 'best-polka-metal-band' in the

RADUX - Disaster Imminent

Finland's Radux bring back fond memories of the thrash-tastic 80's with this debut, four-track EP. Specifically, Nuclear Assault

WILD - Sin Piedad

This is the third full length from Spain's Wild. For those reading who are fans of old school heavy metal and power

TERROR - Total Retaliation

The title of this seventh full length from L.A. hardcore veterans Terror sends a signal about the themes that will

PRIMAL FEAR - Apocalypse

Despite Primal Fear being in existence for some twenty-one years, Apocalypse (their twelfth full length) represents


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