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Here's what's currently abusing our ears at The Mighty Decibel headquarters ! 1. 'To Sol A Thane' from SOLSTICE - White Hors

MORBOSIDAD - Corona de Epidemia

Release date March 15/18 (Nuclear War Now! Productions) 'You want intensity? You can't handle the intensity!' Sorry to screw wit

HORN - Retrograd

Release date Mar 9/18 (Iron Bonehead) Horn's latest opens with the acoustic folk of 'Retrograd-Einleitung' inviting you to pull

URIAH HEEP - Live in Toronto

Phoenix Concert Hall Feb 12/18 With the swirling and then the pounding of 1970’s “Gypsy” coming from Phil Lanzon’s Hammond organ, Toronto cl

GOATKRAFT - Angel Slaughter

Release date March 9/18 (Iron Bonehead) Five tracks of absolute, unapologetic war metal await those who take on this mini album from Norway&

ANVIL - Pounding The Pavement

Release date Jan 19/18 (SPV/Steamhammer) Ever since the Forged in Fire opus way back in 1983, Anvil have been issuing solid, but unspectacul

HAR - Visitation

Release date - March 2/18 (Blood Harvest) Initiating with some eerie sounding middle eastern noise, Tel Aviv's Har spend 18 minutes in s

VOIDHANGER - Dark Days Of The Soul

Release date - March 2/18 (Agonia)Poland’s Voidhanger adds to the continuing fragmentation of the extreme metal underground with a release t

DEMONOMANCY - Poisoned Atonement

Release date - Feb 23/18 (Invictus Productions)Out of the gate, Italian heavies Demonomancy bludgeon with opener ‘Fiery Herald Unbound’. Mix

ICE WAR - Ice War

Release date - Sep 29/17 (Shadow Kingdom)Similar to Lucifer's Chalice' The Pact (another recent Shadow Kingdom label release), Ice W


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